Friday, July 31, 2015

Maybe this is why dinosaurs went extinct before we arrived on the scene.

A long time ago God planned all of us. He made the world to be hospitable to us, and he made us to be able to survive and thrive in the world. You can tell, if you look at us now, that we were made for a world unbroken by sin. We don't have fur to keep us warm, most of our organs are in a squishy, unprotected part of our bodies where any old velociraptor or ostrich can claw them out.

I recently witnessed a runt piglet struggle for life for a week, despite being born premature and contracting an illness in his first few days of life. I cuddled up with in him bed wrapped in a towel nest so I could keep an eye on him and feed him milk or water with a dropper. He looked a lot like a little human baby that should still be in the womb. I have no explination for why he lived as long as he did. He really really should not have. He hyperventilated for 14 hours the first day I noticed he was sick. This tiny, helpless thing should not have had the strength to work that hard to breathe for so long...and yet he soldiered forward for days and days. We named him Colonel Hubert. Hubie for short.

My time with him made me think a lot about people babies, and people in general, and God's miracles.

Hubert looked a bit like this when he was born. Instead of fingers, he had little padded hooves - piglet hooves have a little soft keratin on the tip to prevent them from tearing their embryotic sacs in utero, and he had pointy pig ears. This creature doesn't look like something that is going to make it in this world, does it? Like, how is that going to become a PERSON? And how is that person going to survive? How is life so tenacious that a helpless little piglet that looks like a little person fetus survive for a day under adverse conditions, let alone a week, and cling to life every second?

Outside of a miracle, I don't know. Because outside of a miracle it's not possible. I certainly can't account for how I used to be a little baby-in-utero like this picture and now I'm an adult and have lived from that moment to this without just blinking out of existence or dying or forgetting to want to stay alive.

I was thinking yesterday about how inadequate I am to take on the things I want to accomplish in this life. And God put the image just like this baby in my mind. We were not created to withstand even a sliver of the adversity that we will face in a life lived on Earth, and yet, by God, we do. I know for a fact that I am not cut out for a single piece of this life, and yet I've lived 30 years of it.

So, when I get to worrying about inadequacy, fear of experiencing adversity and suffering...I'll just remember that God looks at all of us and sees in us these beautiful little ugly babies that flop around on Earth like baby Walrus' on beaches - tenacious when it comes to being and staying alive but only because he upholds us with his right hand. I can feel him lifting me up. <3

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