Monday, July 20, 2015

Bringing you up to date.

I don't have any things to review or anything particular to bring to your attention, but I thought I'd bring you up to speed on how things have gone in the last two years.

- I've lost 15 lbs on the Daniel Plan, a "diet" plan by Pastor Rick Warren with a biblical emphasis. I have not adhered to it super rigidly but it turns out it is a very excellent, relatively sustainable lifestyle that has also helped my husband lose weight and improve his blood sugar after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

- I have begun and retired from breeding Mini Juliana pigs. I purchased a breeding trio in 2014 and have had several litters of piglets since then, however all but one has been frought with difficulty. We have kept our original three pigs as pets and also a few of the offspring from some of the litters. As of this writing I have 6 female piglets looking for their forever homes. I absolutely adore pigs, they are fantastic barnyard pets, but they are certainly not for everyone. As far as breeding goes, I felt that my experience breeding goats will equip me for breeding piglets and it turns out that was a bit of an idealistic view. Though I studied up before embarking on this pigventure, I really had no idea how different baby pigs are from many other baby mammals. Much more is required of them early on than many other baby animals, and any sort of abberation in their birth or environment can have dire consequences. Several months ago we had our boar neutered, but too late to prevent several unwanted pregnancies in our females. Baby pigs are to die for adorable, but I am relieved that we will no longer have piglets born here.

- I took on a job at a daycare, an opportunity that took me by surprise, and that gave me a lot of satisfaction over the year+ that I worked in that position. I'm back to being a farmwife now, and I enjoy it because it means a better quality of life for us and our animals, but I do really miss working with kids.

- We have decided to become a foster family. We have not begun the process officially yet as we have had to make some improvements to our home first, but those projects are nearly complete and we are seeking God's will as regards the timing. I have wanted a family for a long time now, the desire has only grown stronger. While I would love to blast ahead and accomplish everything all at once, doing things God's way is really the only way to find the happiness we're all seeking.

- We quit drinking. My husband and I have both been sober since 2013. Turns out I am an alcoholic! Quitting drinking was one of the best things that ever happened to me. While I didn't really qualify as the sort of alcoholic most people think of when they say "oh, that person definitely has a problem", I definitely did have a problem. One day, God informed me that I would stop drinking. I laughed out loud in my kitchen the morning that he told me - in fact I still had booze in my fridge. And yet...I have not taken a drink since. I certainly had no intention to quit at the time, nor did I understand I was really an alcoholic, so the credit goes 100% to God who made sobriety possible. For the first 6 months it was pretty easy. Then, almost all of the sudden, I was crushed under the weight of cravings and crisis circumstances that nearly drove me to drink again. The product of that experience is that I now know and trust God so much more than I did on that morning in my kitchen when I hardly knew what I had gotten myself into (or what Jesus had gotten me into) when I accepted the Lord and embarked on a new life as a Christian, but as difficult as it's been, it's been the happiest, healthiest time of my life and I would do it all over again if it meant experiencing God in the way he has revealed himself to me over the last two years.

Listen, if you think you might have a drinking problem - put every effort into quitting. You will thank yourself. Even if you don't believe, pray to the God who made the universe and he will rescue you. Even if you think it's bunk, try an AA meeting or 6. You have nothing to lose by trying it. Pick up some AA literature, do the 12 steps. Get serious about sobriety. You'll be shocked at how subversive our cultural attitude toward alcohol is once you see it from the rear view mirror of addiction. Get help. You're worth it, the one who made you says you're to die for. :)

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