Saturday, June 22, 2013

Homesteading with Jesus

Obligatory thingie about how I'm sorry I haven't posted in two months goes here: ___________________. K.

Stuff that has happened:

 As you can see, I cutted ma hurr. This is called a side cut. I have NEVER EVER EVER in my life cut my hair before now, as you may know. I dust for split ends and have cut bangs twice in my life and maintained them, but never have I hacked off length or shaved anything until this day. And. I. LOVE IT. It's perfect for summer and I'm stoked I had the huevos to do it because I've always wanted a weird haircut. It may not be apparent from the photos above but it's still long, just with one side shaved. In the second photo (and the one below) I've got it pinned back.
My momma goat had her babies on 4/20 - here the are at about 6 weeks old before going off to their new forever homes. Two girls and one boy, all healthy. Their momma is making record amounts of milk for me and farm life continues to be a joy.

We got another dog. His name is Shadowfax. This picture sums him up better than words ever could.

I got a beehive. It's doing really great.

 And finally, most unexpectedly/awesomely, I have converted to Christianity. Writing that still sounds so strange because nothing could have been farther from my mind than Jesus for the majority of my life. I was not raised religious, have had some bad experiences with unkind Christian family members etc. Everything that people typically cite as reasons Christianity turns them off was true of me - I was a practicing pagan with experience in other modes of spirituality, I have worked as a psychic a few times in my life and I now have a weird haircut and an abiding love of eyeliner. Turns out, none of that is a barrier to Jesus.

I'm getting baptised tomorrow, along with my husband who is having his "believers baptism" tomorrow as well. We are super duper happy and blessed!

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