Thursday, February 14, 2013


I am super behind on a lot of reviews I wanted to do and some manicures I wanted to share. Once again I only have poor quality pics to post here and I am so sorry for that because I recently recieved some amazing nail polishes as birthday gifts that I wanted to showcase here!

The hand on the right (the one with the ring, technically MY left hand) is Maybelline Color Show in Green with Envy 320. Goes on fairly opaque for a light color, pictured are only two coats instead of the three or four I would expect with similar colors. It stayed on the longest of all of the colors in this image and because it is light it doesn't show chips as much as darker colors do.

On the other hand are Maybelline Color Show in Shocking Seas 370 (pinky and middle finger) and Blue Blowout 80 (ring and index finger) - both very similar colors as you can see but Blue Blowout is very metallic. I had every intention of using my new nail stamps to do a mermaid themed manicure but this is as far as I got! My husband and I switched desks and so my manicure surface is much smaller now and I just need to get my act together and plan to have a clean space to use for a stamp manicure.

I LOVE all three of these colors. I want to experiment with a different base/topcoat (I currently use Sally Hansen Double Duty but hope to upgrade when I can find an affordable, cruelty free topcoat of higher quality). I have I believe two more from my friend that I have not tried yet but hope to experiment with and share soon!

In the same batch of amazing gifties I got two of Revlon Moon Candy colors though they do not appear to have color names (and their website SUCKS and does not show the color combinations available). I just read that Revlon has come out with a bunch of new colors in this line and it looks like the new formula colors have been adjusted. I REALLY like these and I hope they have not altered them too much because I think they are so subtle and perfect!

The first one pictured is not black but a very dark blue base coat with bits of foil or "flakeys" in a blue jelly. The second one is a dark military green with yellow flakeys and it reminded me so much of nori seaweed when I was wearing it!! I wish the second photo came out better because it does not really show off the unusual colors and depth this combo has. In photos of the recently released formulas the "nori" themed duo is a lot lighter green.

Part of the reason I have been delayed on this post is because my husband and I just bought a house! It's been a hectic few weeks with my birthday, a visit from my mom, a mysterious and persistent ear malady that has thankfully subsided and now futurehouse! I will absolutely post more updates about that soon! For now I wanted to focus on fun product reviews before shit gets real.

I placed an order with Sephora in order to recieve some birthday freebies from them which you can sign up for here. I opted for the Real Birthday Turn Ons from Benefit which comes with a mini highlighter/luminizer called Watts Up (link will lead you to the full size version) and They're Real mini mascara. I have only ever tried drug-store mascaras so I was really impressed with the quality of the wand that comes with the mascara. It's not 100% smudge/water proof but it's darn close and it's very easy to apply one coat. However I attempted to apply two coats and instead of beautiful eyelashes I ended up with teeth-like clumps sticking out from my eyelids. NOT the mascara's fault, I just need to improve my application technique or stick to one coat. The highlighter is REALLY shimmery at first though after a few hours seems to basically wear off entirely. It's probably not something I would have bought for myself but it's been fun to experiment with.

I got two other skin-care samples and retained the packages so that I could do a review but honestly after only using each of them for two days I can't tell you enough about them to make it worth the time to post photos and links and all that jazz. If I purchase the products I'll definitely do a review but, being a homeowner now I think my self-customization allowance just became my house-customization allowance!

I also bought some clearance Sephora brand nail bling decal thingies (they have since sold out of the ones I purchased) - they are full nail stickers like what Revlon has been selling. They were very pretty but did not take kindly to being coated in clear polish - the surface of them got all crinkly and rough feeling. They stayed on extremely well and didn't show any wear besides the unusual surface effect for three days. For $3 I would totally buy them again however I believe Sephora is discontinuing them. They were very easy to remove as well, no polish remover needed and withstood showering and hand washing very nicely.

Another lovely friend just sent me a whole package of lovely stuff from ELF that I cannot wait to share photos of! I am playing with those things tonight while watching BBC's Sherlock Holmes.

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