Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nails of the Day and a Self Customization DIY Idea

I am anxiously, impatiently awaiting my birthday order from Ordered it on 1/1 and it didn't ship until yesterday. Most people report really fast shipping from them. Poo. It's still almost a month until my birthday so I guess it's only fair that I have to wait but I am still a bit teeth-gnashy about it. Give me the preciousss!!!

I have not really felt like doing anything very elaborate with my nails lately. It's ridiculously cold in my house, my favorite base/topcoat has gone all goopy on me and I have not been able to replace it yet so I am keeping it simple. This is the best pic I could get of my nails last night, my dog thought she was being a helper.

This is LA Colors in "BCC 660", at least that's what the bottom of the bottle says. This was a dollar store find my husband surprised me with (please note it is not cruelty free). It's actually much darker than in the photo. I am not a red nail polish sort of person but it's actually a really gorgeous color, much more blue than orange though it did not photograph that way. Chips fairly easily but not as easily as some of the other cheapo polishes.

Also, I posted recently about using Witchhazel as a skin cleanser. Turns out, Witchhazel is ridiculously expensive nowadays! I remember when it cost like 80 cents a bottle when I was in my teens! And that wasn't all THAT long ago! Until I find a cheaper source or can grow my own I am using plain old hydrogen peroxide. There are a lot of conflicting views on using peroxide for skin care so please do your research before taking my advice here. Most sources say it is completely safe as long as you avoid eyes and any hair you don't wish to bleach though some report it can be drying to the skin. I hear it's good for acne breakouts though will not actually stop the acne cycle. In other words, use it to treat pimples and zits but it's not going to stop new ones from forming if you have chronic acne.

The first day I used it I noticed a DRAMATIC reduction in the redness of my face. I have always thought my skin had a warm red undertone. Once the redness was diminished I realized I have quite a lot of yellow in my skin! My skin is very translucent and the peroxide reduced the appearance of small capillaries near the surface of my skin which was nice. It's also very refreshing, especially when cold. I plan on keeping my peroxide bottle in the fridge - using anything cold on your face after cleansing helps close your pores.

As I am naturally pale with uneven skin, this is a great resource for me. So far I have experienced no drying of my skin nor bleaching of my eyebrows (and to be honest I intentionally did NOT avoid my eyebrows just to see if brief exposure to peroxide would change the color. I can say that it has not) but it has helped bleach the finer hairs on my face which makes them less noticeable.

After subsequent applications of the peroxide my redness has not diminished as dramatically as it did the first day but it's sort of invigorating to the skin, doesn't leave any odor and removes natural skin oils very well.

Obviously, if you have no desire to lighten your skin, then don't use peroxide!

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