Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Adventures with Peroxide, Mini Haul and Product Review for Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment

A peroxide facial cleanser/toner update: After a week of using peroxide on my face once or twice a day I am starting to notice my eyebrows lightening a  little bit. I mentioned previously that I have intentionally not been avoiding my eyebrows and eyelashes just to see what effects it would have. The verdict is if you use peroxide often, avoid your eyelashes and eyebrows unless you are looking for a way to gradually lighten them. I have always liked the look of very light eyelashes and mine are naturally pretty light anyway. If I want to change the look I can just apply mascara. The peroxide has really helped shorten the duration of my monthly breakout which was exacerbated by getting hair oil on my face overnight while deep conditioning with olive oil. I would recommend avoiding dry areas of your face with peroxide, as well as your lips and definitely avoid your eyes. I got the teeniest amount of peroxide from the puff into my eye and boy howdy did that suck!

My mini-haul: nothing worth photographing but I did get 8 shower caps at the dollar store today which are really helpful for deep conditioning. I also found Wet n Wild Ultimate Match Foundation SPF 15 in Ivory for $1.24 at Raleys. (Image below taken from the link above)

It seems to be one of two cruelty-free brands I am able to reliably find locally, the other being Physicians Formula which I love but I just needed something cheap for now. Unfortunately, they did not have the corresponding powder in stock. I also got some more of my favorite budget topcoat from Sally Hansen which I think I have mentioned here before in passing for $3 on sale at Raley's. I only remembered that it is not cruelty free after I had gone through the check out. :/ This will be the last bottle I purchase of this stuff. If you have an awesome chip-resistent base and/or topcoat that you use that is cruelty free please share! It was a splurge but I have recently generated some of my own earnings to contribute to our household fund and it is nice to occasionally do some retail therapy on the cheap like this.

I also scored some awesome Jesus stickers at the dollar store. A month or so ago I found some Virgin Mary stickers which I have spent the last month regretting not buying (at the time I was struggling with a fit of responsible adulthood) and so I was excited to find the Jesus ones. I am not religious but I do love religous art and have a lot of it up around my desk and in my sewing room. Not sure what I will do with the stickers I plan to keep yet, but I have ideas about sending the stickers I don't like as much to some Christian friends of mine in home-made greeting cards.

Product Review: Last summer I bought Queen Helene's Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment and still have a ton left. I don't really like it. I honestly don't know why I keep falling into the "oohh, hot oil on sale!" trap because most commercial hot oil treatments contain stuff other than oil. In this case, Queen Helene's formula contains parabens which I avoid as much as I possibly can. It also gets sudsy with any agitation which is not something oil should do. The ingredient list is long and it has a very strong odor. Some people might find the odor pleasant but it really bothers me and if I don't rinse it out of my hair extremely well then it follows me around all day, which I hate. The only useful purpose I can think of for this is the bottle - it's a good size and shape for putting in  a mug of hot water to warm and so I'll probably be dumping the rest of the product and filling it with my trusty pure olive oil for future oil treatments. I do normally LOVE Jojoba oil for hair, it's my favorite hair oil, but this has so little actual jojoba in it that it's sort of a scary product that I don't recommend. It IS a cruelty free product though!

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