Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BH Cosmetics Order! But is it really cruelty free? Plus: Parabens! Eep!

Guess what arrived today?!?

I know I was grumping about how long it took for my order with BH Cosmetics to be shipped but it arrived today, 9 days after my order was placed! That's not too bad. The shipping tracking made it look like it was going to take much longer but you never can trust what USPS says :p

I was feeling rather glum this morning so before heading into town to run some errands, before I realized my package had arrived, of course I did a full face of makeup to cheer myself up. I tried locking myself in the bathroom with some music to unwind while I played with makeup but of course the husband had to interupt every few minutes. So, as yet, I have not tried any of my new BH palettes but I will ASAP!

One thing I noticed: BOTH the palettes I ordered contain parabens! It didn't even occur to me to check the contents of powdered products for this substance! Realistically, you won't be getting much just by using face powder and eyeshadow, but when combined with body lotion (which almost always contains parabens) deodorant (again, almost always contains them) body wash, shampoo and conditioner AND really don't want to get more of this in or around your body. If you have breast problems, female cancers or hormone imbalances then it's best to avoid all parabens at all times, ESPECIALLY under the arms. Arm and Hammer has a really good unscented, paraben-free deoderant which can normally be found in the men's deoderant section. My husband began using it when my allergies worsened as I am very sensitive to fragrances and I recently picked up a tube for myself. It's also much cheaper than the typical "women's" deodorant. It's almost certainly not cruelty free, like most bargain products :/

So, I checked BH's video about the contouring palette to make sure I was clear about whether or not the lightest powder was considered to be translucent, and ended up stumbling upon a review of Coastal Scent's palette. THEY APPEAR TO BE EXACTLY THE SAME PRODUCT. This concerns me. If BH claims to be cruelty free (I believe their website says "we never test on animals") but I could not confirm whether or not any of their ingredients had been animal leads me to question where the ingredients come from. CS also states they are cruelty free which is somewhat reassuring. Since it appears that Coastal Scents sells many of the SAME EXACT PRODUCTS then something's not right - two seperate companies in two different states are obviously not truly manufacturing all of their own products. I knew CS and BH manufactured SOME of their own products but it's not clear from their websites which products are made where. I also found a blog mention of ingredients bought from China in the case of both companies. And China = animal testing.

If anyone out there as more information about this I would really love to hear it. I might e-mail both companies to see what the story is. Photos of my palettes to come! I won't let this tarnish my excitement about this, I am still really excited to have such nice make-up and it's still an awesome birthday prezzie!


  1. BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents products look the same, yes. Most professional type makeup companies have a 6 shade blush/contour palette, a 28 neutral palette, etc. That look identical, but differ in formulation, ingredients, and quality. I personally prefer BH, for their pigmentation, staying power and color payoff.

    1. Sarah - thanks for the info, do you happen to know any more details? While you're right that their formulas do vary somewhat from product to product (but are in the cases I found for comparison not profoundly different) I suspect that they use the same manufacturer. That's purely conjecture, though. When I last researched this topic I found next to nothing about who really truly makes these products. I have heard that some people feel that BH has more fall out than Coastal Scents does, possibly due to a larger ratio of talc in BH's products. I have not tried CS so I don't know for sure but I do want to give their stuff a go and do a product review here. After using these products for 6 months I can say that they were worth the money I spent on them and I'm overall happy I bought them and would recommend them to others depending on what they're looking for. I should probably do a blog entry to this end!

  2. They're both ordered from a common manufacturer in China - like a private label type thing. You can find the exact same products, with no label at all, on ebay for less than half the price. Not a bad product, but it's not exactly unique.