Thursday, January 3, 2013

A little more self-customization DIY for you and some Product Reviews

Dude. Pintester is my brain twin. Evidence: She just posted a tutorial for DIY make-up brush cleaner which I was JUST thinking about trying to concoct myself, today.

I posted yesterday that I planned to try VenusAngelic's coffee facial scrub and that's exactly what I did earlier tonight. I didn't have milk or cream so I used powdered milk which worked just as well. It was super nice and refreshing! I even talked my husband into trying it and he liked it too. I might include honey next time for a little bit of anti-bacterial...ness. Grammar's hard at 3am. :p

Since I've been sick and laid up in bed I decided to pull out one of my top two favorite nail polishes ever, Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro (NOT officially cruelty free, FYI) in Cherry Fashion to cheer myself up. But I forgot to use a basecoat so today it's chipping slightly (it normally lasts a really long time, especially for a bright magenta pink, which is one of the reasons why I love this polish). I waited a few hours before going to bed but even though it FEELS like it dries quickly, it still maintains a sort of latex-y or rubbery consistency so I woke up with sheet marks on my nails and that gives me the failed manicure ragies. I guess instead of complaining I should just start over again, huh? Next time I might try the ice water trick* to see if that works

I also wanted to review Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover (NOT cruelty free, purchased it before I decided to go 100% cruelty free). I have been using it every few days for about a week and it works! I have folded cuticles which are extremely prone to callousing and dryness no matter how many precautions I take (wearing gloves for dishes, housework and yard/farm work, using hand lotions and cuticle creams etc. etc.) and they bother me so much that in the past I snipped the callous areas around my nails with cuticle nippers (this is probably not a good idea and not something you should do, FYI). This cuticle dissolver works well but only with multiple applications. For best results I think I'll have to use it daily. I tested it over my creased nail polish today and found that it does not smear nail polish as long as you have a top coat on and as long as the polish is VERY dry. To be honest with you I have not read the label because I am afraid of what's in this stuff. In the past I have used Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser and Balm before every manicure but I like the cuticle dissolver in the bottle better. It has no fragrance (a HUGE plus for me) and softens the cuticles better and leaves less residue behind. It's also easier to wash off and seems to work faster. I'm sure it's nine kinds of toxic and I'm sort of expecting baby heads to start growing out of my fingers any day now.

And, since I haven't shared any photos with you lately, here's a cute photo of my pup who has lived with me now for exactly one year as of today!

*Put some cold water and ice in a bowl. Dip your finger tips carefully into the ice water without smudging your polish. Behold, dry polish faster, or so I am told.

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