Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nails of the Day and a New Polish I Am So Excited About!

I am hooked on water marbeling. It's so fast! And it goes on so thinly that you don't have to wait seven years for two or three coats to dry. This most recent marble came out awesome but didn't have great longevity. Still, it was totally fun while it lasted!

Inspired by this video tutorial for a monarch butterfly water marble.

So my left middle finger chipped literally as I was on my way to my mail box to pick up a prezzie that a lovely friend of mine sent me! Now, I am not really into cosmetic collections, but the one and only polish collection I have ever been excited about was China Glaze's Hunger Games Collection (click here for a review of the entire collection from All Lacquered Up). I think I loved it so much because of the campaign featuring a model dressed up as Effie Trinket, who is also the namesake of one of my chickens.

Anyhoo, the collection itself is not really available anymore but you can still snag individual colors on Amazon. My friend picked out the absolute most perfect color for me. I am in love with it. And I am not just saying that because it was a gift. First off: I LOVE bright and neon polishes. I also love subtle glitter polishes. And finally, I love oranges. I am a red(dish) head, so orange might technically be contraindicated but IDGAF! So there is nothing, literally NOTHING, I do not love about this polish.

Behold: Riveting from China Glaze. One coat. Sorry for flipping you the bird, it's nothing personal.

I was going to show you a second coat but my digital camera is on the fritz. Seriously I have a TON of things awaiting photographs for Etsy and some experimenting with vlogging to be done. NOT a good time for this fairly new (less than a year old) camera to die. ANYWAY. NAIL ART. Stay tuned for some girl on fire inspired nails (but don't talk to me about the films, please. The first one sucked and I'm not even going to watch the second one).

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