Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nails of the day and a makeup...thing.

First of all - a long overdue manicure. I have been planning this gradient since I received my Hunger Games polish from my friend earlier this month but was delayed due to lots and lots of holiday craft projects. Knitting and freshly manicured nails do not make for a good combination.

I am almost as much of a sucker for a good rich yellow as I am for an orange. I have been eying a yellow at the dollar store from LA Colors and finally picked it up earlier this week. There is no name or number on the label. It's a semi-sheer, semi-metallic yellow. I don't love how sheer it is but it's perfect for gradients! I also used Riveting and Electrify from China Glaze's Capitol Colors which I have swatched here before. I love this. It's sort of helping me get through my winter doldrums. I don't have a fireplace but I do have Girl on Fire nails!

Once again I cannot find the post I wanted to share here that inspired my recent foray into highlighting and contouring. Anyhow, I found this tutorial via Pintester. Armed with my new dollar store angled foundation brush from E.L.F. (which, btw, I would highly recommend! It's the nicest brush I own! It's synthetic i.e. Vegan friendly, holds its shape, not a single hair was shed and it's kind of springy. It's only $3 online!) and some dollar store blush I attempted to highlight and contour myself.

Me, before.

The dollar store blush was way too pinky-red for using for contouring so I mixed it with some dark brown eyeshadow and ended up looking like I'd drawn myself a beard before I blended it (which I guess is how it's supposed to look?). Anyhoo, I don't really notice much of a difference to my totally-not-angular face post-contouring unless I smile. I do like the nose contouring bit though. I have always liked my nose (from the side I'm told it's a bit Roman but I dig it) so I think I might do the nose bit more often for future makeup applications. Turns out that the ultimate contouring thing is HAIR. Just have hair around your face and you're good to go. I highlighted the bridge of my nose and under the inner corners of my eyebrows and middle of my eyelids. I contoured my jaw-line, sides of where my skull probably is somewhere inside all that cheek and around my forehead (which if course is hidden under bangs).

Stay tuned. I have a wild hair to film some baking tutorials tonight.

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  1. ahhh thats cool.. i have a ton of varnish swaps for you. also, am back on lj xx