Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some belated Nails of the Day

As a belated anniversary present my husband bought me a handful of nail tools off Ebay that ended up totaling less than $9 with shipping! We have been extravangantly broke lately so this was even more of a treat than it would normally have been. (Unfortunately, I'm sure the tools were made in sweat shops and I feel shitty about that).

So here are some not fabulous photos of my first two manicures with brushes. I did a cobweb manicure before Halloween using my new dotters but it didn't come out very awesome. The fact that some people can do all kinds of intricate art using dotters or toothpicks blows my mind. I doubt I will ever be one of those people. I know these aren't great but I'm pretty proud of them for my first tries!

This one was meant to be moth wings, inspired by all the monarch butterfly tutorials out there. In the future I'll use a different gradient in the background to make the colors stand out - it was a mint green and brown theme, I did a lot of color mixing to get the right tones, it was a really fun one to do.

Again, not the greatest photos but I took them myself and that's not easy to do! On my next post I'll be sharing photos of all of my supplies including my new brush and dotter sets so stay tuned :D

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