Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nails of the Day and a Nail Polish Review

My favorite manicure to date! Last week, probably last Monday I did an Evil Eye inspired manicure. I used some blue rhinestones and mixed my own colors. I LOVE how it came out. It also wore extremely well - almost an entire week!

In the second photo you can see my hubby and our parrot in the background. I lost two rhinestones off my thumb today so I opted to test my new Wet 'n' Wild (which is a cruelty free brand BTW!) "Black Creme" which I got in the mail on the offending thumb. You can order a three-pack of this nail polish on the cheap here. All the black nail polish you will ever use! I ordered it because I have read that it's ideal for stamping and much cheaper than nail polish specially made for this use. Alas, I cannot get even a semi-decent photo of it but I will tell you that it DID work for stamping very nicely. I stamped over a white and grey ombre, even though the design I chose has thin lines and the black doesn't contrast super well with the grey, the stamp itself looks nice and sharp and appears darker once with a top coat on. So I can give this color a thumbs up for nail-stamping purposes!

Edit: I just found this and wanted to share it with you as my photog skills would be right at home here on Shitty Nail Art.

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