Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nail Supplies Haul from the Dollar Store Plus Nail Supply Porn

Last night my husband went to the dollar store and brought me back some nail art supplies. Today we went back to the dollar store looking for some vaseline for my rooster (long story) and he goes, "Why don't you look at their nail polish section? They have cool stuff!" FAMOUS. LAST. WORDS. 10 minutes later I have a handful of stuff and I turn to him with hopeful eyes and ask, "can I get this stuff?!" I had planned on getting a coffee - we are each sticking to small treats on payday while we work diligently to get our runaway finances under control. I went a little bit over my $5 limit - especially since he had brought home some nifty stuff unasked the night before as a gift but I CANNOT HELP MYSELF. I HAVE A PROBLEM. I am lucky I have such an awesome husband.

I am extremely stoked to have found all this fun stuff. Here it is:
I got: a pedicure kit (what I really wanted were the toe separators which are over $2 at the drug store - bonus free long orange stick!), some makeup sponges. I have some but the last two times I've used them they've left a LOT of lint on my nails. I got some cuticle hydrator (which is NOT paraben free and probably doesn't work as well as olive oil but olive oil can be difficult to wash off so I thought I'd give it a shot), a four way nail file ($4 at the drug store for the very same one!) and three different nail polish colors. One is from Sally Hansen.

Also I got this awesome E.L.F. brush! First off, this style is my FAVORITE for all-purpose eyeshadow application. I have a very similar one in my disused makeup kit. I plan on using this one for clean up around the cuticle. I may trim it, I'm not sure yet. I'll post my findings later.

Not photographed here is the nifty rhinestone nail art kit my hubby got me last night, along with a dark red polish and some paper face-masks. My allergies continue to be majorly debilitating, to the point that I have had to cut back on how often I do my manicures which SUCKS. (I have also discovered a handful of food triggers to stuff I really like and used to eat all the time. It's freaking depressing!). I know paper masks are not ideal for protecting the respiratory system from fumes but
I have plans to get a really fancy hepa/chemical filtration mask soon. I plan on (carefully and with good ventilation) trying them out tonight for the first time.

The rest is all my nail polish supply porn for your viewing pleasure. I don't really have any special or awesome ways of storing all this - all the polishes fit (more or less) into the pink caboodle (which I posted earlier this year when I first bought it) along with the small impliments. The rest is currently living on my coffee table. Can I tell you a secret? My hubby hasn't complained about my polish stash location because HE has been getting into my collection and picking out colors for me to practice on him with. He recently quit chewing his nails (rock on! He said it was almost harder to quit than smoking!) and so he has enjoyed having me trim and file his nails and tend his cuticles. It was only a matter of time before I was practicing nail painting techniques on him. What an amazing guy I have!

Stay tuned for a post about the frugal living tips I've learned in the last six months since I've had to live more frugally than ever before. Also, I do still have another yoga bolster tutorial in the works but I need to wash more wool for stuffing and the weather has not been very obliging lately. :/


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