Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nails of the Day!

Ok so, I am behind schedule on some tutorials I wanted to post here in my yoga accessories series but I have a good excuse! I keep almost dying! I have developed some form of adult onset food allergies  which have caused near-anaphylaxis a couple times now.

However, I have not let that stop me from painting my nails. Because if my throat's going to close up I feel it should be for a GOOD reason, like I'm inhaling paint and acetone-free-nail-polish-remover fumes and NOT because I drank my favorite non-alcohlic beverage (supposedly people with adult onset food allergies can become severely allergic to things like lettuce and cucumber. P.S. FML).

My husband was a super awesome guy recently and found some nail rhinestones (or, as a good friend of mine calls them, "Vajazzle Stones" which I like infinitely more) when he was out shopping for benadryl for me and surprised me with them. I had seen a few tutorials but had never used them before. Can I just tell you, they are extremely fun! I will definitely be playing with them a lot more in the future.

Extra husband points for helping me take these photos and not questioning why I wanted to use a brick to model my spiffy blingtastic manicure. (Everyone always takes these weird claw pictures of their nail art while holding cupcakes or whatever so I just grabbed the nearest thing at hand in my yard because, c'mon, like I have cupcakes? If I did I'd eat them).

Click for a bigger version if you want to see how smudgey they look around the cuticles. No matter how much I practice I can't get mine to look all perfect like on pinterest tutorials but, you know what? This is where normal girls hang out so, you know, I'm just going to deal with smudgy cuticles. Nay, I am going to REVEL in smudgy cuticles my friends! At least until my nail art brushes arrive from China.

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