Monday, October 1, 2012

Nails of the Day and Nail Polish Product Review

Last week Sally Beauty Supply was having a giant sale and I just happened to be in town with a teeny bit of cash I earned from my Etsy shop in my pocket so I picked up two Finger Paints nail polishes two for the price of one.

I tried them out yesterday and once they dried proceeded to beat the ever loving crap out of my hands by baking, doing dishes and then today doing a bunch of farm chores and yard work. These photos are from just now. The pink on my left hand is nearly perfect. Since it's not my dominant hand I can usually get two or even three more days out of my left hand's polish than my right but I am still impressed with how durable this color is. My right hand's polish, however, didn't hold up that great. See below for my gripes about it.

Left hand (above). Pink Perspective (links to Amazon - I could not find this color on Sally's website). THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BOTTLE OF NAIL POLISH. One coat would have done the trick, it was very smooth and slick to apply even without a base coat and goes on very opaque. It also dries extremely fast. Very true to bottle. I would totally buy this color again at full price. I topped it with Sally Hansen Double Duty Topcoat.

Right hand (above) 15 Minutes of Frame. While I love the IDEA of this color, it's not exactly as true to bottle as I had hoped because it's so transparent. Three coats later I wasn't happy with how it came out. Each coat took longer to dry and today three of my five fingers are worse for the wear (difficult to see in the shot above) and will need a touch up. I used the same topcoat on this hand. I would probably not buy this color again, even if it were on sale, but I'd totally buy another brand in a similar shade because it's so mermaidy and I don't have anything in my polish collection like it.

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