Thursday, September 6, 2012

Detoxifying Cucumber Lemonade Recipe

I have been so busy doing normal things that life has been devoid of things that are interesting enough to post about.

Except my new favorite (non-alcoholic) drink! You may have noticed from my previous posts featuring Cucumber Vodka and Agua Fresca de Pepino that I really like cucumbers, especially when used in beverages. Turns out that this cucumber lemonade is a real thing, (i.e. I didn't invent it. But I thought I did for a while and that was kind of awesome). It's really touted on pinterest as a detoxifyer, but I happened upon it by accident one day when I went to make my Agua Fresca and realized my watermelon was past its prime (the goats were not nearly as sad as I was about this, because they love watermelon, especially slightly fermented watermelon).

I know that it's a detoxifyer because it's a natural diuretic which can help purge retained water from the body (and, theoretically, the stuff we think of as toxins). And I know this because it makes ya pee a lot (sorry, but it bears mentioning)!

Two large cucumbers, peeled, de-seeded and chopped roughly or simply sliced thinly
Two or three lemons thinly sliced (with peels left on)
1/4 cup of sugar (optional)

If you like cucumber pulp like I do, then blend up your chopped cucumber until mushy. If you're just going for the spa water thing, use thinly sliced cucumber coins instead. Put it in a giant pitcher. Now, put your thinly sliced lemons in the pitcher. Add your optional sugar (but not too much or it won't diurese you) and fill the pitcher with water. Voila. It's best if left in the fridge overnight and then strained through the...strainy part of the pitcher lid or some other...strainy thing. It gets to be too lemony for me on day three and by then I'm sort of side-eying something left in the fridge that long anyway.

Two to three glasses of this stuff a day is not only refreshing but good for rebounding from overindulgences in salt or alcohol. It's also superb at that time of the month when you're all bloaty and carrying extra water. It's got lots of good vitamins and hydrating properties so, you know, you could post your own photos of this creation on Facebook or Pinterest and impress everyone with your healthy lifestyle or something!

Hey, look, a blurry photo of my sunset inspired manicure from last week!  

Northern California is recovering from some large weeks-long fires in which homes and lives were lost. The only up-side to having smokey days and overworked firefighters in our area was that our sunsets were BEAUTIFUL for a few weeks, the sun looked like something out of an apocalyptic horror story. In the best possible way, I mean.
Anyway, I used a pencil eraser for the suns. The gradient didn't come out like I'd hope and it photographed even worse than it should have but, there you have it. What post is really complete without a shitty manicure webcam shot anyway?

Next time: I'll share a home remedy for sore throats that I have been using (in conjunction with the vitamin C packed lemonade recipe above to fight off a lingering cold) with great success. <3

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