Monday, July 30, 2012

Belated DIY Kitchen Table

I finally bring you photos of my DIY kitchen table!

Pictured are all of the materials I used, not including tools (a hand-held electric sander, a T-square, a drill and a husband). It cost between $50 and $60 to make. We have a large space in our kitchen and opted to build our own custom table instead of hunting around for something that we likely couldn't afford that would work. We are also limited in that we do not have a car that can haul large objects (see image below).

Ingredients: Two 29" wooden saw horses, 4 fenceboards, some cheap 1x2s, screws and some staining supplies. I used a deck stain which repels water. Not super enviro friendly but it works great on surface that needs to be cleaned often!

A closeup of the graphic on the sawhorses. Don't tell anyone, but this is why I picked these particular saw horses. Cute little donkey!

Sanded fence boards with two cross pieces for stability. The final arrangement of the fence boards ended up being different than what you see here due to the size of the space and the fact that we needed to use one of them to finish building the goat house (which the goats never actually use).

So, I'll admit I really fussed about whether or not to share this photo of me and then I thought I could manage it if I made a bunch of apologies for why I look the way I do it in but ya know what? I BUILT this table nearly single handedly. I sanded it, I drilled the holes, I stained it. My husband was nice enough to help me when four hands were greater than two but I did the majority of the work and I am super proud of that, not least because I was (and still am) struggling with getting used to a new set of limitations associated with having Fibromyalgia. So instead I am adhering to the Normal Girl code and not wigging (too much) about my physical appearance here. I am a normal girl, I built an awesome table and this is not a beauty pageant. KThnx. /positive self-talk

A close-up shot of some of the "notions" involved in this project.

As I have said in the past, I had delusions of grandeur about making this an actual tutorial but I hope the photos give you enough of an idea about how this table went together if you decide to make your own. I'm happy to answer any questions or share the tips I learned while creating this. If you DO make your own, please share a photo of your finished product!

And here's an Instergerm (say it with me!) shot of the table in action - I christened it by baking a strawberry cream cake! Featuring eggs from me own chickens!

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