Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Interrupting my blog procrastination to bring you some recipes.

I SHOULD be posting a half-assed tutorial about how I built the most epic, custom-sized kitchen table (nearly single-handedly) for $60. But instead I am bringing you a recipe.

The other night my husband said he wanted "Taco Bell style" bean and cheese burritos. I was like "bitch, please!" and made some that were way awesomer, not to mention super cheap.

1 large can of black beans
1 round of Cotija cheese, grated (if you're lucky enough to live in a place were you have easy access to Mexican products then you should be able to find this inexpensively. The texture is kid of between Feta and Mizithra)
Garlic Powder
Uncooked Tortillas (I used Tortilla Land brand and they were awesome.) Alternatively you could make home-made tortillas which are simple and cheap.

Drain and heat the black beans. Add some garlic powder to those muthas.
Heat your tortillas per package directions

Put your freaking beans on your freaking tortilla, top with cheese and salsa and sriracha (I like to blend my salsa with sriracha so it's like one big liquidy cup of goodness that drips down your arm when you try to eat your burrito) and eat that mojo.

Might I recommend making some Agua Fresca to go with it?

You will need:
One half of a watermelon
One cucumber, peeled and seeded
One lemon
Some mint leaves (fresh)
Some water
Some sugar
A big honking pitcher.

Scoop out the watermelony deliciousness and discard the rind (I gave mine to my chickens, they absolutely love to peck it clean). Blend until liquid. Do the same with your cucumber. Pour everything, pulp and all, into your pitcher. Fill the pitcher with water. Squeeze the juice of your lemon in there, chop or muddle some mint and toss it in too. I used about 1/4 cup of sugar and it ended up being perfect, not too sweet. If you have a nice ripe watermelon you don't need much sugar. Stir, refrigerate and serve. It is extremely refreshing and hydrating and I suspect somewhat cleansing to your system. Some people will strain off the pulp but not us. We like it.

This morning we had left over beans and my husband was so fanatical about these leftovers even after eating the same meal two nights in a row that we made some breakfast burritos.

You will need:
All the stuff from your awesome burrito night (you should have a ton of Cotija left over, bonus points for extra cheese).
Garlic powder
Olive Oil
Milk (goats milk is WAY awesomer than cow milk, just sayin')

Sautee the butter, olive oil, onions, garlic powder and potatoes until crispy.
Make your eggs hobo style. Whisk with (goat) milk and seasoning and then cook them over a very low heat for a long time (like 10-20 minutes), scrambling as you go.
Put your leftover beans on your cooked tortillas, add all your delicious salsa/sriracha/cheese/leftover beans and roll up into a taco. The potatoes can go into the taco or you can eat them as a side dish. Serve with the remaining Agua Fresca and procede to have mouth orgasms.

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