Friday, March 9, 2012

Product Review: Aveeno Daily Baby Lotion

I've been really into "beauty" stuff lately, but as the term "beauty" in reference to items for purchase makes me feel a little barfy, I have termed it "self-customization." Appropriate because deep-conditioner and nail polish doesn't many anyone "more beautiful."

I got a Caboodle! I was thinking about the Caboodles of my childhood while trying to visualize a tote for my growing nail polish collection. Turns out they still make them and they have them for sale at Target. I was hoping it would allow for my polish collection to grow but as you can see, it's pretty full! Also featured is my new nightdress and yes, it is Christmas themed. Don't judge. It's super comfy and has pockets.

Now for a product review:

I recently ran out of my favorite Paraben-free Aveeno lotion and when I went to find more, it appears to either be discontinued or very scarce. I did find it for sale here (image source) for crazy cheap!

Parabens are chemicals that mimic estrogens and are frequently found in many "self-customization" products. If you have any female problems like fibrocystic breasts (which I do) polycystic ovaries, breast cancer or hormone imbalances including painful periods, you should consider going Paraben free.  I'm not as diligent about using Paraben-free products as I used to be, but simply cutting back on products that contain these chemicals has really helped with my breast issues.

This lotion is excellent for sensitive skin. I wash my hands 60+ times a day because I work in a doctor's office and using this a few times a day really help keep my hands from chapping too badly. It's also unscented which is fabulous!


  1. I used to use that lotion, though it didn't have vanilla. Also, I love the idea of using self-customization instead of beauty for products like that.

  2. I didn't realize this one did have vanilla. It also includes "fragrance" in the ingredients. My bad, this is not the lotion is was looking for, which means the one I love may actually be discontinued! ::searches frantically::

  3. Ok - fixed the image and link above.

  4. Ive seen this range locally, I might just try it now xx Id love to see you review hair stuff, with us both being longhairs.. I currently use Lush solid shampoo and Joico kpak conditioner xx

  5. Tomorrow I will post my henna for hair recipe and do have plans for some natural hair remidies soon!